Sports First Aid Training

Anyone involved in sport needs this course, whether you’re a coach, an enthusiastic amateur, volunteer with your childs’ after school activity or are part of the Fitness Industry.

The course covers all the standard content of a First Aid at Work qualification but with sport specific adaptations and modules. 

Whether on a path to regain fitness, change shape or a seasoned athlete, injuries can plague us all. 

Couple that with someone pushing themselves harder in order to achieve their goal: this heightens the risk of serious medical conditions even further. 

Enough with the scare-mongering: this course will prepare you for pretty much anything you might come across (I didn’t want to say everything because there is always one creative individual who will find a way to hurt themselves in a totally original way!)

About this course
All courses now include a COVID-safe module which safeguards all of your First Aiders and makes them completely up to date with the latest guidance around coronavirus, how it spreads and how to reduce the risks to all involved.
Good physical/theoretical balance, could ask questions and received feedback help. Great pace and easy to follow. much more confident and learned loads more than in previous courses.
Personal Trainer
Learned a lot more from this course. The trainer was amazing and very clear.
Pole Dance Instructor

Did you know…

…that whoever procures first aid training for their company is personally liable for making sure the training is appropriate and correct?

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Sports and Activity First Aid FAQs

What you'll learn

Sports First Aid

Split over two days, covering the following subjects with sports injury specific content

Day 1

Day 2

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