How to choose a first aid trainer

You may or may not have been aware that when searching for a first aid training provider, that due diligence is required by you on whoever you choose. The individual appointing a training provider can be held personally liable and we would hate for you to get into hot water.

The Health and Safety Executive provide some guidance on evaluating and selecting a training provider, along with a checklist to show that the provider meets all requirements. For safety’s sake, please make sure your training provider does tick all the boxes on this guidance.

We’ve compiled some of the key points below for you:

What does Regulated mean, and do my qualifications have to be Regulated?

What does ‘regulated’ mean?

In short, a regulated qualification can be trusted.

Ofqual is the a department for qualifications in England (In Scotland there is the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and in Wales it’s  Qualifications Wales).  

Ofqual is independent of government and report directly to Parliament. They maintain standards and confidence in qualifications in England and ensure anyone teaching these qualifications has the correct commodities themselves, and that they are reaching the correct, up to date syllabus. 

Do my qualifications have to be regulated?

No. However, your insurer might stipulate that they are and regulated courses are best practice. Why risk making yourself liable?

Anyone teaching a regulated course will help satisfy the ‘Due Diligence Checks’

Due Diligence checks are checks an employer has to carry out,  and show that they have done so, to ensure a training provider they use meet the required standards, are appropriately qualified and are teaching the correct subject matter. 

Here’s the pitch: all courses over 4 hours long taught by Real, Effective First Aid Training meet and exceed all the Due Diligence checks, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about. 

All Real, Effective First Aid Training trainers have at least a Level 3 Award in Education and Teaching, the equivalent or higher qualifications in the subjects they are teaching, are all round good eggs and will occasionally make you chuckle.

Do I Need a First Aid Risk Assessment?

YES! every organisation has to carry out Risk Assesment of First Aid Needs, in order to decide what level of cover you need, even if that all that Risk Assessment says is you don’t need to do anything

Please follow this link for guidance on Risk Assessment of First Aid Needs. We are more than happy to help, or do it for you, if you're worried or you're not sure.

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